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  1. Tech nerds are smart. But they can't seem to get their heads around politics.
    We live in an age of nerds. Sometimes I try to explain to my kids that I grew up in a time — a dark age known as The Eighties — when reading comic books, playing fantasy-based card games, watching Dr. Who, or being really into computers could get...
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  2. Many Social Science Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says
    Photo Brian Nosek, right, and other members of the Reproducibility Project at the Center for Open Science. Dr. Nosek and his team led an attempt to replicate the findings of 100 social science studies. Credit Andrew Shurtleff for The New York Times...
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  3. GitHub Taps Former Yahoo Executive as VP of Product
    GitHub, the social repository site where software developers store and share their code, has named a former Yahoo executive as its VP for product management. Kakul Srivastava, who was until earlier this year the chief product officer at WeWork, had...
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  4. Facebook now lets you add filters, stickers and text on the Web
    Earlier this year Facebook allowed you to add filters, stickers and text to photos when uploading via your phone and now it’s quietly added those features to the Web too. If you’re uploading a picture on Facebook’s main site you’ll now see a paint...
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  5. It's Time We Talk About Music Therapy
    References1. Bruscia, K. E. (1998). Defining music therapy. Barcelona Publishers, 1998. 2. Tan X, Yowler CJ, Super DM, Fratianne RB. The efficacy of music therapy protocols for decreasing pain, anxiety, and muscle tension levels during burn dressing...
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