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  1. Bestselling - O'Reilly Media
    Save 50% – Deal of the Day Best of July – Top 25 Ebooks Training Videos Some books are too good to miss, and there's a good reason why. If you wonder what other people are rushing to learn about, take a look at our monthly best-of promo and find out...
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  2. Keith Alexander's Unethical Get-Rich-Quick Plan
    Lots of government officials have found ways to monetize public service in the private sector, but none more audaciously than the former head of the NSA. Stelios Varias/Reuters Keith Alexander is trying to explain himself. The former director of...
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  3. Seven Habits of Highly Fraudulent Users
    At Sift Science, we analyze a lot of data. We distill fraud signals in real-time from terabytes of data and more than a billion global events per month. Previously, we discovered that the U.S. has more fraud than Nigeria and solved the mystery of...
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  4. Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken
    Computer users pass around USB sticks like silicon business cards. Although we know they often carry malware infections, we depend on antivirus scans and the occasional reformatting to keep our thumbdrives from becoming the carrier for the next...
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  5. How Your City’s Public Transit Stacks up
    After decades of planning, the Washington Metro’s Silver Line finally opened last week. The line aims to make inroads in a car-centric swath of Northern Virginia, but D.C. itself is already known for its robust public transit. How robust? Very. To...
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