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  1. Evan Spiegel Reveals Plan to Turn Snapchat Into a Real Business
    Evan Spiegel begins a conversation in the offices of his startup, Snapchat, by propping a sneakered foot onto an Eames chair, leaning back, and acknowledging how infrequently he speaks to the press. “I literally have not done this in so long,” he...
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  2. Merriam-Webster Unabridged
    It’s happened again: this dictionary has gotten bigger.   As of last week, it’s grown by more than 1,700 entries, and existing entries have expanded by more than 700 new senses. We’ve added 3,200 examples that provide contextual information, and...
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  3. Mobile Isn’t Killing the Desktop Internet
    People are increasingly accessing online content on mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean the desktop is in decline. A theory sometimes bandied about the media industry says audiences are deserting desktops and “going mobile” instead. But actually,...
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  4. Announcing Xapo’s Advisory Board
    Today Xapo is proud to announce the formation of its advisory board with three visionary leaders, Dee Hock, John Reed and Lawrence H. Summers. Dee Hock is the founder of Visa, and is responsible for effectively creating payment systems as we know...
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  5. From condoms to toilets, why good design is essential for improving global health
    A few years ago in a rural part of East Africa, one of our foundation's grantees was having an unexpected problem: its treadle pumps were selling very well in some places yet very poorly in others. Treadle pumps help farmers irrigate small plots of...
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