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  1. The Tiny Team Taking on a Massive Reform of Government IT
    Stock Options? Don’t Need ‘Em! I’m Coding For Uncle Sam!The people behind the new government agency that’s recruiting the nation’s best tech talent to reform its hideous computer systems. There was a time when Mikey Dickerson felt that one could...
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  2. In praise of unfairness
    The complaint in both cases was that of course smartphone sales are bigger than PCs, but that's unfair - the phone market is just much bigger than the PC market (and the devices are replaced every ~2 years where PCs are replaced every ~5 years)....
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  3. Our World in Data
    In the past only a small elite lived a life without poverty. Since the onset of industrialization – and as a consequence of this, economic growth1 – the share of people living in poverty started decreasing and has kept on falling ever since. But as a...
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  4. New study shows Spain’s “Google tax” has been a disaster for publishers
    News stand in Toledo, Spain. A study commissioned by Spanish publishers has found that a new intellectual property law passed in Spain last year, which charges news aggregators like Google for showing snippets and linking to news stories, has done...
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  5. Cultivate: Big Data Conference
    About Cultivate trains leaders—and those who aspire to lead—in the business practices they need to thrive in the new world. It’s about building a corporate culture that enables design thinking, collaboration, and agility. It’s about understanding...
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