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  1. New York Times Eyes Ambitious Overhaul In Quest For 'Journalistic Dominance'
    NEW YORK -- The New York Times, at age 164, has kept pace with today's media upstarts while remaining committed to high-quality journalism. The company admitted its innovation shortcomings a couple years back, but these days the newsroom is rife with...
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  2. Brian Eno is MORE DARK THAN SHARK
    Turn on javascript to use the drop-down menus. INTERVIEWS, REVIEWS RELATED ARTICLES "Craft is what enables you to be successful when you're not inspired." - Brian Eno The Village Voice APRIL 3, 1978 - by Lester Bangs ENO SINGS WITH THE...
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  3. Roman Empire GDP Per Capita Map Shows That Romans Were Poorer Than Any Country in 2015
    Map by the NEP-HIS Blog, found via Reddit. What a difference 2,000 years makes. The map above shows the GDP per capita in 14AD of the various provinces of the Roman Empire in 1990 PPP Dollars. On average, the GDP per capita across the whole Empire,...
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