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  1. NewsCorp: Google is a 'platform for piracy'
    17 September 2014 Last updated at 17:05 ET NewsCorp: Google is a 'platform for piracy' Google's management is accused of losing their "shining vision" The chief executive of NewsCorp has written to the European Commission...
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  2. With New Ad Measure, The Economist Emphasizes Quality Over Quantity
    The Economist is rolling out new set of audience measurements for advertisers on its mobile applications and website, hoping to lure more digital ad dollars by highlighting how much time readers spend with its content. The publication will guarantee...
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  3. At Google, Larry Page’s Dreams Keep Getting Bigger
    A little over a year ago, Google CEO Larry Page convened his direct reports, the company’s dozen or so senior vice presidents, for a project that would take up two days a week for a couple of months. About 100 other employees below the SVP rank also...
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  4. What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About When We Talk About Making
    1 I tell this story a lot. In 2011, I attended a conference for artists and designers interested in collaboration as a practice. I had a lovely time. We shared stories and projects, we tried out new methods on one another, we drank and ate. On the...
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  5. Apple - Privacy - Government Information Requests
    What we’re most commonly asked for and how we respond. The most common requests we receive for information come from law enforcement in the form of either a Device Request or an Account Request. Our legal team carefully reviews each request, ensuring...
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