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  1. Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism
    Emily Bell, Director at the TOW Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, today delivered the Reuters Memorial Lecture 2014 for the Reuters Institute in Oxford. View her speech below entitled, 'Silicon Valley and Journalism: Make...
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  2. How to Get Away with Uber
    Roberto Chicas doesn’t use Uber anymore. Actually, he doesn’t do much anymore, not since he met Patrick Karajah. It was one night in late September, when Chicas, a bartender in San Francisco, did what many San Franciscans do: He summoned Uber to get...
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  3. Technical Project Manager
    Do you want to help investigative journalism survive—and thrive? Mother Jones, an award-winning, ass-kicking, independent news organization is looking to level up our online technology infrastructure. We are building a next generation publishing...
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  4. The Emily Thornberry affair proves it: US-style culture wars have come to Britain
    Emily Thornberry may be the first politician to quit over a single tweeted photograph that was not physically intimate, but she is not the first to get into trouble over flags and vans. In 2003 the US presidential hopeful Howard Dean said, “I still...
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  5. Bill Cosby’s legacy, recast: Accusers speak in detail about sexual-assault allegations
    They didn’t see a comedian. They saw the “king of the world.” Long before there was a Dr. Cliff Huxtable, before rumpled sweaters and a collective anointing as America’s dad, Bill Cosby was magnified a hundredfold in the eyes of the young models and...
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