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  1. Damage from cancelled census as bad as feared, researchers say
    The cancellation of the mandatory long-form census has damaged research in key areas, from how immigrants are doing in the labour market to how the middle class is faring, while making it more difficult for cities to ensure taxpayer dollars are being...
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  2. Mashable, Business Insider Get New Funding
    Big money is beginning to wash over the new media landscape. Both Mashable and Business Insider are expected to announce significant venture capital investments Thursday, building on a recent trend of hefty cash infusions and valuations for the...
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  3. All politics is identity politics
    Something that I thought I noticed soon after I graduated college and moved to DC was that a lot of my female friends were very interested in the subject of street harassment. Later, thanks to the magic of social media and web traffic (check out the...
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  5. The best Gmail app for the iPhone is now made by Microsoft
    Gmail is the world's most popular email service, and the iPhone, as if this week didn't make it abundantly clear, is the world's most popular smartphone. The two have been around for years and years, however the experience of using them together has...
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