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  1. Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site
    When hacker group Impact Team released the Ashley Madison data, they asserted that “thousands” of the women’s profiles were fake. Later, this number got blown up in news stories that asserted “90-95%” of them were fake, though nobody put forth any...
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  2. The Uber Endgame
    In San Francisco, Uber recently began testing what it calls “Smart Routes,” TechCrunch reports: Rather than hailing an Uber directly to your door, UberPool’s map shows a green line overlaid on a major artery street nearby. If you’re willing to set...
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  3. Trump's press - BuzzMachine
    American news media: You are Donald Trump’s bitch*. You are making him what he is. And that makes you something worse yet: You are lab assistants to our modern media Dr. Frankenstein, the man who invented Trump as politician, the man who more than...
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  4. Jeremy Corbyn is a stranger to responsibility and will loathe leadership
    The Corbynites may think their man has been through a hard time already, when actually the onslaught has barely begun. David Cameron had a go at him last Friday on defence, and the Tories put out a briefing about what his policies might cost the...
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  5. I Had a Baby and Cancer When I Worked at Amazon. This Is My Story
    I Had a Baby and Cancer When I Worked at Amazon. This Is My Story Last Saturday, I read the 6,000-word New York Times piece, “Inside Amazon,” in the car on my way to the beach. I sat quietly in the front seat, glued to my phone while my husband...
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