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  1. NSA bulk phone records collection to end despite USA Freedom Act fail
    Related: USA Freedom Act fails as senators reject bill to scrap NSA bulk collection Even as the Senate remains at an impasse over the future of US domestic surveillance powers, the National Security Agency will be legally unable to collect US phone...
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  2. Famed 'A Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash, wife, killed in N.J. Turnpike crash
    MONROE — John Forbes Nash Jr., the brilliant Princeton University mathematician whose life story was the subject of the film "A Beautiful Mind," was killed with his wife Alicia on Saturday in a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. Nash was 86. Alicia...
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  3. Venture capital vs. community capital
    Photo: Jean-Alexis Michaud I am in Paris this week for OuiShareFest, and spoke yesterday morning during the opening session.  OuiShareFest is in its third year as a large international gathering of folks interested in the...
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  4. 'Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash killed in crash
    US mathematician John Nash, who inspired the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind, has died in a car crash with his wife, police have said. Nash, 86, and his 82-year-old wife Alicia were killed when their taxi crashed in New Jersey, they said. The...
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  5. The Mind of Marc Andreessen
    At his firm, Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capitalist routinely lays out “what will happen in the next ten, twenty, thirty years.” Credit Photograph by Joe Pugliese On a bright October morning, Suhail Doshi drove to Silicon Valley in his parents’...
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