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  1. Minecraft to join Microsoft
    REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 15, 2014 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Mojang, the celebrated Stockholm-based game developer, and the company’s iconic “Minecraft” franchise. The Mojang team will join Microsoft...
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  2. The state of the music industry
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  3. Venture Capitalist Sounds Alarm on Silicon Valley Risk
    Silicon Valley is a risk-driven place. But over the past year, it may have taken on more than it can handle, according to one prominent venture capitalist. "I think that Silicon Valley as a whole, or that the venture-capital community or startup...
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  4. Yes, we’re being bought by Microsoft
    Yes, the deal is real. Mojang is being bought by Microsoft. It was reassuring to see how many of your opinions mirrored those of the Mojangstas when we heard the news. Change is scary, and this is a big change for all of us. It’s going to be good...
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  5. Eyes on the prize
    written byThomas KohnstammWriter Eyes on the prizeHow NFL hero Steve Gleason is battling ALS with cutting-edge technology and the power of human spirit. Spokane’s 3rd annual Gleason Fest was billed as a “grassroots, indie music festival,” but...
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