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  1. Give Silicon Valley a break
    Silicon Valley is teeming with ill-mannered tech bros whose childhood participation trophies have led them to boast about how their mediocre startups will change the world. It’s insufferable. Silicon Valley is also full of sincere geniuses who wake...
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  2. KLM's 150 social media customer service agents generate $25M in annual revenue
    Enterprise companies tackle mobile marketing automation slightly differently—and that's why they're on top. Register today for this free VB Insight webinar with AEG's VP of Social and Marketing on May 28th. PRAGUE — Social business leader...
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  3. Obama’s Twitter Debut, @POTUS, Attracts Hate-Filled Posts
    Photo President Obama's first post on Twitter on Monday. WASHINGTON — When President Obama sent his inaugural Twitter post from the Oval Office on Monday, the White House heralded the event with fanfare, posting a photograph of him perched on his...
    Image of Patrick LaForge, NYT Image of Jenna //\\ Wortham
  4. Man Compiles 16 Years of Daily Self-Portraits Into One Time-Lapse Video
    Amelia's dad. Steph's husband. Writer, comedian, gentleman. Good at juggling, bad at chess. @glentickle
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  5. Not Your Father’s Telethon
    Tonight NBC is running a telethon to raise money to fight disease in poor countries. I’m guessing that when you read that, your first thought was not: “Sounds hilarious! Sign me up.” But in the United Kingdom, they’ve been pairing comedy and...
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