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  1. Facebook Wants You to Vote on Tuesday. Here's How It Messed With Your Feed in 2012.
    On Election Day, political campaigns, candidates, consultants, and pollsters pay close attention to who votes and why—and so does Facebook. For the past six years, on every national Election Day, the social-networking behemoth has pushed out a tool—a...
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  2. Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Moment
    Looking back, I guess we in the media might have asked Apple CEO Tim Cook if he were gay. Me especially, since I am gay. And, like many, I had heard all the assumptions about the self-effacing exec’s sexual orientation, even though he and I had...
    Image of Heather GHOULd Image of Walt Mossberg Image of Josh Weinberger Image of Kara Swisher
  3. Slack’s One-Year-Old Software Business Valued at $1.12 Billion
    Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield Slack Workplace collaboration tool Slack didn’t exist two years ago. Now the company is one of the most valuable business software startups in the world. Slack Technologies raised $120 million in a mega-round of...
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  4. Slack Confirms $120M Fundraise Led By Google Ventures And KPCB At $1.12B Valuation
    Slack, the enterprise collaboration platform co-founded by Stewart Butterfield, today confirmed that it has closed a $120 million round of funding, co-led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield  Byers and Google Ventures with the participation of past...
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  5. Pianist asks The Washington Post to remove a concert review under the E.U.’s ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling
    (Sara Kelly/Flickr The pianist Dejan Lazic, like many artists and performers, is occasionally the subject of bad reviews. Also like other artists, he reads those reviews. And disagrees with them. And gripes over them, sometimes. But because Lazic...
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