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  1. Dropbox: the first dead decacorn
    Breaking news! The stock market is crashing! Everybody panic! Unicorns are going to die!!!    Ok, so maybe we’re overreacting a little. But today (Monday, August 24) saw a nice little 4% ‘correction’ in the stock market, and a bit of panicking in...
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  2. BMW: All Models Electric Within Decade
    BMW: All Models Electric Within Decade ( - German luxury car giant Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW Group (BAMXY, BAMXF, BMW.L) is looking to go all-electric over the next 10 years due to the upcoming stricter carbon emission laws....
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  3. Baby, We Won’t Drive Our Cars: The Future Of Automotive Transportation
    Earlier this summer, Trinity had the pleasure of hosting a Transportation Tech dinner with some of the brightest minds in the space, including Uber’s lead data scientist, Lyft’s leader of operations strategy, RelayRides’ head of marketing, and the...
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  4. A Roadmap for a World Without Drivers
    The VMT Rebound Now that we’ve discussed barriers to adoption and the likely scale of the deployment phase, let’s talk about the second order effects that are likely to develop as AVs take market share. Among the forecasts of the Consensus Model, I...
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  5. Minecraft founder feels isolated, unhappy
    Sklathill / FlickrMarkus Persson It's the dream of many a startup founder: Make something people love and wind up wildly rich, selling the company for billions. But after you do that, what comes next? It could be a sense of hopeless isolation.  So...
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