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  1. Collective Punishment in Gaza
    Credit Photograph by Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Three days after the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched the current war in Gaza, he held a press conference in Tel Aviv during which he said, in Hebrew, according to the Times of Israel, “I...
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  2. Ukraine rebel chief Igor Bezler threatens to execute interviewer
    With a walrus moustache, a fiery temper and a reputation for brutality, Igor Bezler is the most feared of all the rebel leaders in eastern Ukraine. Nicknamed Bes, or “the Demon”, he is regarded as something of a loose cannon, even by other rebels,...
    Image of Noah Shachtman Image of Paul de Bendern Image of John Schindler Image of Human Rights Watch Image of Spencer Ackerman Image of Lydia Polgreen Image of Daniel W. Drezner Image of Mark MacKinnon
  3. Ransoming Citizens, Europe Becomes Al Qaeda’s Patron
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    Image of Andy Revkin Image of weddady Image of Andrew Exum Image of David Wessel Image of Michael Luo Image of Sewell Chan Image of David C Unger
  4. Israel strikes house of Hamas Gaza leader, digs in for long fight
    GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's military pounded targets in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country needed to be prepared for a long conflict in the Palestinian enclave, squashing any hopes of a swift...
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  5. One reason Congress is so pro-Israel? Fundraising.
    What drives the overwhelming congressional support for Israel that's such a striking element of American politics? For some members, it's genuine passion. For others, it has to do with public opinion. But another real consideration that's rarely...
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