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  1. Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site
    When hacker group Impact Team released the Ashley Madison data, they asserted that “thousands” of the women’s profiles were fake. Later, this number got blown up in news stories that asserted “90-95%” of them were fake, though nobody put forth any...
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  2. As Much As I Can, As Black As I Am: The Queer History of Grace Jones
    In 1960, a 12-year-old Beverly Grace Jones moved from Spanish Town, Jamaica, to Syracuse, New York, with her family. She didn’t have many friends; a high school report card described her as “socially sick.” Halfway through her studies at Syracuse...
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  3. 11 Eleventh Dream Day Songs From 11 Eleventh Dream Day Records
    Photo via Facebook Shall we compare Eleventh Dream Day to Neil Young and Crazy Horse? Of course. The influence of Young’s great guitar albums on EDD—filtered through Television, the Gun Club, and the Dream Syndicate, with a large helping of Southern...
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  4. Everyday Misanthrope, the game about making people miserable
    "There is no joy in your life, only pain," reads your player status on the opening screen of Everyday Misanthrope. Created by Liz England for the recent "You Are the Monster" Ludum Dare game jam, the game simulates a day in the life of a terrible...
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  5. Kraftwerk on Cycling, 3D, 'Spiritual Connection' to Detroit
    Kraftwerk, originally formed in Germany in 1968, is one of electronic music's most legendary groups,  a band that can lay claim to playing a role in the development of techno, industrial and hip-hop. Nearly 50 years later, Kraftwerk is still going...
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