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  1. Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong
    Source: Richard Reeves and Isabel Sawhill America is the land of opportunity, just for some more than others. That's because, in large part, inequality starts in the crib. Rich parents can afford to spend more time and money on their kids, and that...
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  2. Beast: restaurant review
    Beast, 3 Chapel Place, London W1 (020 7495 1816). Meal for two, including wine and service: £200 You could easily respond to this week’s restaurant with furious, spittle- flecked rage. You could rant about the posing-pouch stupidity of the meat-...
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  3. When the #GamerGate mob targeted Anil Dash for no reason
    He has also seemingly been going around trying to get media personalities who champion social justice causes - the so-called "SJWs" - to take a stance on #GamerGate. Even when, as in Anil's case, these people have absolutely nothing to do with game...
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  4. Barry Bonds Tops Home Run Charts
    With his 756th home run, Barry Bonds passed Hank Aaron for the career record. Only 22 major league players have hit more than 500. Click below to see each player’s trajectory. You do not have the correct flash player version to view this feature. ...
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  5. FiveThirtyEight’s Senate Forecast
    FiveThirtyEight’s election forecasting model combines hundreds of opinion polls with historical and demographic information to calculate odds for each Senate race. We estimate the probability that each party will win control of the Senate by running...
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