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  1. Alessia Cara: Antisocial Optimist
    Pitchfork: Did you have to defeat your own shyness before you could do all of this? AC: I’ve always been really shy, especially with singing. The first time I sang in front of an audience, I was about 14—it was at my guitar school’s showcase and...
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  2. Greek Bailout Fund
    Now spread the word Reach out to your social networks and start raising funds now!
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  3. Distraught people, deadly results
    An officer arrives and addresses Coignard, who appears to show him her palm. The officer struggles with the teen, forcing her into a chair, then down to the ground. She reaches for the knife, and the officer draws his gun. As two more officers...
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  4. Amazon's New Plan to Pay Authors Every Time Someone Turns a Page
    When I recently learned of Amazon's new plan to pay some authors for each page that a Kindle user reads, I remembered an editor who looked at my one of my book proposals and said something along the lines of, “It feels like you've only got 20,000...
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  5. These Common Household Items Could Kill You If Yo...
    Chances are you have most of these commonplace items in your home, but did you know that they could kill you if you’re stupid enough? 1. MopsJust about everyone has a basic mop in their kitchen, but if you’re a fucking dipshit, you could almost...
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