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  1. Women in Tech and The Awareness Problem
    Stories of discrimination, harassment, abuse and assault of women in tech by now form their own genre of media frenzy. For tech’s notoriously lazy and shallow press machinery, it’s a sure-fire fount yielding billions of pageviews and tens of millions...
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  2. Where the U.S. gets its oil from
    Despite the fact that late-year gasoline prices have risen to the second-highest in recent memory, a new report from the UT Energy Poll shows that most Americans have little clue where their gasoline even comes from. According to the poll, 3 out of 4...
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  3. On Falling Apart at the Office
    Chapter 2: work: Sorrows of Work On Falling Apart at the Office I. Office Victorians In the 19th century, British explorers were famous for not getting stressed. They might – like David Livingstone in his travels in central Africa between 1851 and...
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  4. Distraught people,
    An officer arrives and addresses Coignard, who appears to show him her palm. The officer struggles with the teen, forcing her into a chair, then down to the ground. She reaches for the knife, and the officer draws his gun. As two more officers...
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  5. The War Against Boko Haram (Full Length)
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