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  1. Q&A: Wes Borland Tells Us Whether He Really Hates Being In Limp Bizkit, And Why Fleet Foxes Are Bad For Music
    Yesterday, I wrote a post about Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland. Bizkit are about to headline the ShipRocked cruise, along with a whole mess of other nü-metal bands, and Borland seemed to be dreading the prospect. In an Instagram post, he said as...
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  2. The Last Relevant Blogger
    Before he was voted Hipster of the Decade, before he was coining musical subgenres and helping the New York Times understand "alt" culture, Carles was another mid-00s music blogger who just wanted to get his site listed on Hype Machine. The music...
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  3. How's the movie industry treating women this week?
    Historically, the movie industry hasn’t done the best job of including or representing women. Female Stuff is a regular feature that examines how it’s improving (…or not).  Sign of hope: Movies about, by, and/or starring lots o’ ladies There are...
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  4. CIA and Mossad killed senior Hezbollah figure in car bombing
    A Lebanese Hezbollah supporter holds a poster of Imad Mughniyah during a rally in the southern suburb of Beirut on Feb. 16, 2009, to commemorate the first anniversary of the slain Hezbollah commander’s death. (Hussein Malla/Associated Press) On Feb....
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  5. How Well Do You Know The Rules Of Football?
    How Well Do You Know The Rules Of Football? Here comes Football, America’s only sport! When the Referee blows his tiny trumpet and the heroes line up to kill each other in the shadow of the Uprights, it might look like a straightforward fight between...
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