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  1. Ex-Wife: Donald Trump Made Feel ‘Violated’ During Sex
    Ivana Trump once accused the real estate tycoon of “rape,” although she later clarified: not in the “criminal sense.” Donald Trump introduced his presidential campaign to the world with a slur against Mexican immigrants, accusing them of being...
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  2. The Empty Chair & 35 Women Standing Up to Bill Cosby, Rapist
    I want to tell you I loved Bill Cosby for a long time. I loved him because as a kid, I watched The Cosby Show and I saw a family that was similar to mine–middle class, loving, imperfect. When I watched A Different World I saw what college might look...
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  3. Have We Reached Peak Vinyl?
    Stewart Anderson has had enough. The frontman for noise-pop veterans Boyracer and head of likeminded label 555 Recordings has been releasing music on vinyl since 1991. But the well-documented manufacturing delays that have gone hand in hand with the...
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  4. Being in Love, Things Women Do That Men Love:
    The jury’s still out on whether most men would go mushy over flowers delivered to their offices or a handwritten love letter sent through snail mail (but men, if you're reading this, please incorporate both into your arsenal!). If you’re wondering...
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  5. Uber’s algorithm and the mirage of the marketplace.
    If you think this screen shows the Ubers that are nearby, you’re wrong.Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images In June, the California Labor Commission ruled in favor of classifying Uber driver Barbara Ann Berwick as an employee and not as an independent...
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