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  1. Exclusive: Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware
    Sarah Tew/CNET Nike is gearing up to shutter its wearable hardware efforts, and the sportswear company this week fired the majority of the team responsible for the development of its FuelBand fitness tracker, a person familiar with the matter told...
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  2. Snoop Dogg 420 Playlist
    On Sunday, after your Easter brunch, grab a blunt, light it up, and sit back and relax with Snoop Dogg as he takes you on a musical journey. Today, we're premiering his new mellowed out playlist, hand-picked by Snoop himself for Songza. The playlist...
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  3. The Entrepreneur’s Journey
    My energy, every single ounce of it, comes from gratitude. I was born in Belarus in the former Soviet Union — probably the least capitalist place in the whole world — and had the serendipity of being able to come to the most remarkable country on...
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  4. The ‘Illmatic’ Influence Infographic
    Nas’s Illmatic, which turns 20 tomorrow, has been sampled (at least) 312 times since he ripped it from a poisonous, deadly, extra-dense chunk of Queensbridge, New York, concrete and turned it into a consumable part of rap history. This is remarkable...
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    Video: Party UP HERE !!! #like#follow#revine#friend#cat#animal#russianvine#quick#dmx#6secondcover#swag#lol#fun
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