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  1. Twitter Q2 Earnings - Business Insider
    Getty / Ethan Miller Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. For the first time as a public company, Twitter has delivered an earnings report that investors absolutely love.  It delivered earnings per share of $0.02 on $312 million in revenue, which is up 124%...
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  2. Chatological Humor: Monthly with Moron (July)
    Good afternoon. There is yet another plagiarism scandal afoot. I declare it a silly one, and therefore  predict that what I am writing here will raise a mini-foofaraw in journalistic circles.  It may well get me targeted by the same journalism...
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  3. App Rot -
    July 28, 2014 • ∞ Look around your iPad for a minute. How are its third-party apps doing? Are they all being actively updated? Are they all built for iOS 7 yet? You never see any non-Retina graphics, iOS 6...
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  4. Uzo Aduba's 'Crazy Eyes' catches on online
    Actress Uzo Aduba is nominated for an Emmy for her role as "Crazy Eyes," in Netflix's "Orange is the new Black."(Photo: Sean Fujiwara) LOS ANGELES -- Search for "Crazy Eyes" online, and you'll find hundreds of folks, mostly on Instagram, popping...
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  5. Seth's Blog: The easy ride
    The easy ride We know what you want to accomplish. We know how you'd like everything to turn out. The real question is, "what are you willing to push through the dip for?" What are you willing to stand up for, bleed for, commit to and...
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