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  1. What Google Just Announced Is a Bombshell
    What Google just announced at its IO conference is a bombshell for the future of the company. For years the search giant has witnessed the chipping away of its core product — search — due to the rise of mobile applications and their siloed-off...
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  2. Google I/O 2015 live blog
    Calculating stream opening time...
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  3. A New Chapter for Path
    A New Chapter for PathDaum Kakao Will Acquire Path and Path Talk In 2010 a small team of us set out to build a company focused on quality products that bring you a source of happiness, meaning, and connection. Five years later, Path continues to...
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  4. Artist turns neglected potholes into ice cream treats
    Tired of the ugly and burdensome potholes that clutter the streets of Chicago and Jyväskylä, Finland, mosaic artist Jim Bachor decided to do something about it. Using hand-cut pieces of glass and marble, Bachor fills the wretched holes with whimsical...
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  5. Path sells to Daum Kakao to pursue growth in Asia
    Path, the mobile-focused social network, is being bought out by Korean internet company Daum Kakao. The main app and Path Talk will continue to operate under new ownership, according to a Medium post by founder Dave Morin, while the remaining Path...
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