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  1. Uber launches Momentum magazine
    Momentum Magazine/UberSofiane was one of Uber's first drivers, and he's done more than 20,000 trips. Here's something different. Uber, the $41 billion ride hailing company, is launching a quarterly print magazine for its 150,000 drivers, Momentum....
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  2. Marissa Mayer Has Completed Step One
    On Yahoo’s 20th Anniversary, its CEO presents a progress report on how she’s turning around—and maybe transforming—an Internet iconIt is sunset in Sunnyvale, but Marissa Mayer’s day is far from over. She has a keynote presentation at a mobile ad...
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  3. Bill O'Reilly's Own Video From Falklands Protest Contradicts His "War Zone" Claim
    AP/Evan VucciThroughout the controversy set off by a recent Mother Jones article about Bill O'Reilly's mischaracterizations of his wartime reporting experience, the Fox News host has angrily insisted that "everything" he has said about his...
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  4. Inside Project Loon: Google's internet in the sky is almost open for business
    “Good news,” says Katelin Jabbari, Google X’s communications chief. “It’s about to explode.” We’re several hundred feet in the air, inching our way along a wooden walkway tucked high into the rafters of the massive hangar at Moffett Federal...
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  5. Medium at Large: Ev Williams Talks With Kara Swisher
    Ev Williams built two of the most important publishing companies of the digital age. Can he do it a third time? At the Code/Media conference, the man who co-founded Blogger and then Twitter explained what he’s doing with Medium in an onstage...
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