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  1. Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President
    For the past six years, Google has been hosting post-State of the Union interviews with the President on YouTube. Some of these used pre-recorded questions, others incorporated Google Hangouts. My brother John even asked a couple of questions during...
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  2. Abandoned as a child bride, India’s first lady still hopes her husband will call
    NEW DELHI — She’s waiting for him, as she has been all her life. But when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi dines with Barack and Michelle Obama at a glittering banquet Sunday night, his wife won’t be by his side. Modi, 64, kept his teenage...
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  3. SPIEGEL Interview with Chief New York Times Editor Dean Baquet
    SPIEGEL: Mr. Baquet, your colleagues at the New York Times tell stories about you punching holes in the walls at the office when you get upset. Is this true? Baquet: (laughs). Once was when I was Washington Bureau chief. I got angry at a decision...
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  4. Wikipedia Purged a Group of Feminist Editors Because of Gamergate
    For nearly as long as the antifeminist culture war known as Gamergate has raged across the internet, a microcosm of the battle has taken place on Wikipedia. Should Gamergate defined as a push for ethics in gaming journalism, or a paranoid campaign...
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  5. In San Francisco's close quarters, political giants are bred
    This is a city of 47 square miles, 800,000 people and millions of deeply held, fiercely fought convictions. Spilling down its hillsides to the westernmost edge of the country, San Francisco is the closest thing to an East Coast enclave set along the...
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