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  1. Brooklyn Borough President Has A B-Ball Proposition For Rob Ford
    AP/Business Insider Eric Adams (left) and Rob Ford (right) Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams sent a letter to embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Tuesday outlining his "proposal for a friendly wager over the outcome of the playoff series between...
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  2. Y Combinator Posthaven
    We have a new standard deal at YC—we’ll invest $120k for 7%.  While we may deviate from this in exceptional cases, it will still be the case for almost all of the companies we fund. This replaces our previous standard deal of on average $17k for 7%,...
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  3. If Aereo Wins, How Can Aereo Win?
    Aereo, the Web TV service that gets its day in court today, says that if it loses its case, the Internet itself could be imperiled. So let’s say Aereo ends up winning, and the cloud computing services everyone uses today are safe for the...
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  4. Bob Dole is back in Kansas, running for nothing, but running hard
    Dole has returned to his home state this week to say thank you to the people who supported him for so long. He is running for nothing but is nonetheless running hard. He did three stops on Monday, four more on Tuesday, including the Dole Institute,...
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  5. Introducing The Message
    One of the tenets underpinning Medium is that people write better together — or, as Ev has written, “Don’t write alone.” In that spirit, The Message is a new collection for collaborative writing. We’ve gathered twelve writers and thinkers across...
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