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  1. What the ‘Times’ Got Wrong About Nail Salons
    Carlo Allegri/Reuters A nail salon on New York’s Upper West Side, November 3, 2014 Rarely does a newspaper story get the kind of response that The New York Times front-page exposé of wage-theft at nail salons prompted this spring. Profiling at length...
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  2. Rebuttal to the Nails Rebuttal
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  3. Aging Infrastructure Plagues Nation’s Busiest Rail Corridor
    In Maryland, a century-old rail tunnel needed emergency repairs this winter because of soil erosion from leaks, causing widespread train delays. In Connecticut, an aging swing bridge failed to close twice last summer, shutting train service and...
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  4. Smoking Gun: MPAA Emails Reveal Plan To Run Anti-Google Smear Campaign Via Today Show And WSJ
    If you talk to the reporters who work for various big media companies, they insist that they have true editorial independence from the business side of their companies. They insist that the news coverage isn't designed to reflect the business...
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  5. The Crime of Living Without a Home in Los Angeles
    A year ago he slept in his own apartment, but today Charles Jackson sleeps under a bridge bordering Silver Lake, one of the more fashionable neighborhoods in Los Angeles. A few dozen strangers share the encampment; some become neighbors, while others...
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