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  1. What Airbnb Gets About Culture that Uber Doesn’t
    Last week, as Uber battled a media firestorm after a senior executive talked of investigating unfriendly journalists and a company manager actually used its “God View” feature to track the comings and goings of a reporter, Airbnb welcomed more than...
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  2. DC cops budget their asset forfeiture income years in advance
    The DC force plans out how much stuff they'll steal from the public through the corrupt "asset forfeiture" program years in advance, almost as though they don't rely on crime to seize assets, but rather just arbitrarily grab stuff from people and...
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  3. Plague App Spreads Information Like A Virus
    Plague is a new social networking app with a fun twist that could just work. Plague is all about discovering "viral" content, but the way you discover the next viral video or hilarious photo is what's unique. Instead of seeing posts from people you...
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  4. MSN Redesign Hurts Traffic
    Business InsiderMicrosoft execs Terry Myerson and Qi Lu both want control of the default Internet Explorer homepage.   Microsoft redesigned its MSN web portal, the default Internet Explorer homepage on the 400 million new Windows PCs that are sold...
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  5. Technology and the Moral Dimension
    The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, two publications with different ideas of moral dimensions, are asking the same question, one that has been on my mind for a long time: How does Silicon Valley reconcile the reality of its success with...
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