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  1. Dan Lyons Will Take Over Valleywag
    Valleywag’s chief editor Nitasha Tiku just left for the Verge. Here’s her replacement: Dan Lyons, the tech writer who is best known as the man behind “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.” Up until today, Lyons had been a “marketing fellow” at HubSpot, a...
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  2. Valleywag Editor-in-Chief Nitasha Tiku Joins The Verge
    InstagramNitasha TikuLess than one month ago, Nitasha Tiku was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Gawker's tech lifestyle section, Valleywag, in place of Sam Biddle. She seemed committed, telling us that Valleywag was well-positioned to continue driving...
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  3. Uber Deck Reveals Revenue, Rides, Drivers and Fares
    Flickr/FortuneUber CEO Travis Kalanick at Fortune's Brainstorm conference in June 2013. Uber is a four-year-old mobile ride service company that could soon generate $10 billion of revenue per year. How much revenue is Uber currently generating? How...
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  4. Wolff: Behind the scenes at Uber/BuzzFeed fracas
    The popular car pick-up service Uber application on a photo in Berlin.(Photo: Britta Pedersen, AFP/Getty Images) Uber is at the forefront of a vast reordering of ground transportation and how we use cars. It is also in the middle of many publicity...
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  5. IC2014 New York Agenda
    The Power of Storytelling: Plotting the Future of Media Media is fundamentally the business of telling stories, from entertainment and news to advertising, social media and gaming. The rapid emergence of new technologies and platforms for producing...
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