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  1. Exclusive: Andreessens give $200,000 to LGBT groups
    Lesbians Who Tech Summit(Photo: Nikki Ritcher) SAN FRANCISCO — Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and philanthropist Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen are championing two organizations working to raise the visibility of sexual orientation and gender...
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  2. Safari is the new IE
    Last weekend I attended EdgeConf, a conference populated by many of the leading lights in the web industry. It featured panel talks and breakout sessions with a focus on technologies that are just now starting to emerge in browsers, so there was a...
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  3. HomeHero raises $20 million
    Courtesy of HomeHeroKyle Hill, 28, and his family.Kyle Hill had never seen his father cry before. That changed in 2011 when his grandmother's caregiver stole her jewelry and abandoned her for 16 hours -- Hill's father was forced to resign from his...
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  4. 'It's unnatural': What agency creatives really think about vertical video
    Last week wasn’t a good time to be a vertical video hater. First, in a mind-numbingly boring presentation tailored to doddering CMOs everywhere, Evan Spiegel last week released a new video to go along with his Cannes Lions presentation touting “3V...
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  5. Beats 1 radio goes live following Apple Music launch
    Apple Music just launched with the release of iOS 8.4, and now it’s flipped the switch on its Beats 1 radio station as well. The first song? City by Spring King. Beats 1 is set to broadcast from New York, Los Angeles and London, and will stream...
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