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  1. How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)
    The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today’s Silicon Valley. This was simply the result of bad planning and layers of leadership failure — nobody thinks farms...
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  2. 80% of Your Culture is Your Founder
    “As a founder, this is not something you can delegate,” says Graham. “I’ve seen dozens of tries at cultural transformation from other people inside a company, but it usually only works when the founder or CEO is the one speaking. A founder saying...
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  3. Etsy, Home of the Handmade, Takes On Wholesaler’s Role
    Etsy, Home of the Handmade, Takes On Wholesaler’s Role Continue reading the main story Video Etsy Artisans Reach Retailers Etsy is giving small business owners, like the woodworkers Shelli and Seth Worley of South Carolina, the opportunity to sell to...
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  4. Kurion Robot Fixing Fukushima Reactor
    Kurion is a technology company with an eye toward handling the safe, permanent disposal of nuclear waste, so it answered the call from Fukushima, Japan, to build the "first-ever external water-cooling system for a nuclear reactor." We spoke to Marc...
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  5. Drone selfies take vanity to new heights
    There's an endless stream of selfies and ways to take selfies out there, but few are as impressive or grand as the one that Photojojo founder Amit Gupta took over the weekend using a drone. As spotted by Kottke, Gupta has been toying around with...
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