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  1. BMW Runs the First Ads on Medium, Twitter Founders' Platform
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  2. Why ad buyers shrug at BuzzFeed's plagiarism scandal
    Although BuzzFeed’s recent plagiarism scandal is giving some journalists a healthy case of schadenfreude, it’s still unlikely to do much near-term harm to the publisher’s relationship with ad buyers. BuzzFeed said on Friday that it fired politics...
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  3. The Net Neutrality Battle
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  4. Chatological Humor: Monthly with Moron (July)
    Good afternoon. There is yet another plagiarism scandal afoot. I declare it a silly one, and therefore  predict that what I am writing here will raise a mini-foofaraw in journalistic circles.  It may well get me targeted by the same journalism...
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  5. 5 CMO-Exec Pairs at GE, Taco Bell, Walmart, Dell and Levi's Who Are Nailing Digital Marketing
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