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  1. 10 Things In Tech You Need To Know, October 21
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  2. Building a Better Digital Magazine
    Building a Better Digital Magazine In building Creatavist, we’ve long been working to make immersive narrative storytelling feel at home on phones, tablets, and the web. The California Sunday Magazine took us in a challenging — but exciting —...
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  3. Back to the Future was right: a working hover board will be available in 2015
    The good news: Just like Back to the Future Part II promised, you will be able to get your hands (or feet) on a working hoverboard on Oct. 21, 2015. The super stylish Back to the Future Part II hoverboard. The bad news: The board, which is called...
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  4. The Full Stack Media Relay
    The Digital Media Layer CakeLegacy content providers can still be in Fat City. But only if they overcome fear and greed.I’ve recently come to think about digital media’s competitive environment as a layer cake with 7 distinct layers. These are, in...
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  5. Yahoo In Talks To Buy Video Ad Platform BrightRoll For Around $700M
    Yahoo has been building up its video and video advertising content, and we have heard that it may make another key acquisition in the area to further raise its game. The company is in talks to acquire BrightRoll, the cross-platform digital video...
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