News.me is a small team based out of betaworks in New York City. We build applications that improve the way people find and talk about the news.



We’re looking for a few excellent people to join our team. Interests should include Scandinavian coffee, Double IPAs, Red Vines, and building social applications.

Python Engineers

From a technical perspective, you should have a strong knowledge of python, and experience building large-scale/large-data web applications. We need you to dive deep into the massive data sets that we are just beginning to understand — the millions of articles flowing through Twitter and Facebook, and billions of clicks on bitly short URLs. There are fascinating social signals embedded within these massive data sets, and our data science today is just barely scratching the surface of what is possible. Show more↓

But this role doesn’t begin and end with data. As the 6th member of our founding team, you should have a passion for user experience, product, and network design, that goes beyond the technical. We’re not in the business of delivering data, we’re in the business of using data to enable conversation.

The fine print

  • 3+ years experience developing web-based applications/sites using Python
  • Experience with building large-scale/large-data web applications
  • Hands-on experience with MongoDB or MySQL
  • Familiarity with one or more of the following: redis, memcache, nginx, beanstalk, tornado, hadoop
  • Proven experience with building REST/JSON APIs
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3)
  • BS/MS in Computer Science preferred

Please email us at jobs@news.me.

iOS Engineers

People expect to take the news with them — at work, on the subway, on the couch, and we want to build applications that give them that flexibility. We're looking for engineers with 1+ years of experience building iOS applications, and 4+ years of experience in software development.
You should have knowledge across both frontend and backend iOS frameworks and be prepared to own a project from start to finish, from networking and storage to view hierarchies and animation. If this sounds like you, please email us at jobs@news.me.

Front End Engineers

We're just getting started building fully featured applications for the desktop and mobile web. We've learned a lot about how people find, read, and talk about the news from News.me for Email, News.me for iPhone and News.me for iPad — it's time to take our learnings and apply them to the web. You should have extensive experience building consumer-based web and mobile sites (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Experience with python is a plus. If you're interested, drop us a line at jobs@news.me.


We're not actively hiring for editorial, business development, or community, but if you're absolutely fascinated by this product space we want to hear from you!

Contact Us

Have an idea you’d like to share? Trouble with one of our applications? Drop us a line. Email mike.young@news.me

Are you a publisher interested in exploring partnership opportunities? Want to talk about what we’re up to? Get in touch with jake.levine@news.me