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  1. QAA inquiry says London campuses not ripe for visa fraud
    An inquiry has appeared to dismiss claims that student visa abuse is taking place at London branch campuses The Quality Assurance Agency had been asked to examine student vetting procedures at 13 branch campuses after immigration minister James...
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  2. Year in Review: Top LMS Developments of 2014
    As a continuation of the tradition we began last year, for your reading pleasure here are our picks for the top LMS developments of 2014. 11) New and improved LMS concepts take root It depends on what the definition of LMS is, but 2014 saw renewed...
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  3. 5 Things We Know About College Students in 2014
    Everybody wants to know what college students are thinking, especially educators and marketers. What do they like? What are they like? The surveyors at Student Monitor, a market-research firm, are among those trying to peel back the layers on the...
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  4. Smart filters on the rise
    There have been more than a few stories about the resurgence of email newsletters, explainers, and niche networks. What these products have in common is the ability to turn information into understanding. If in 2009 we were urged to jump into the...
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  5. How To Speak Startup
    Hang with startup kids long enough, and you’ll notice that they have their own language. No, bro, it’s a SaaS play in the on-demand food space. Think of it as the Uber for gluten-free Whole Foods delivery, ok? It never ends: We’re actively raising,...
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