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  1. How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other
    In about 40 minutes, Cindy Manit will let a complete stranger into her car. An app on her windshield-mounted iPhone will summon her to a corner in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, where a russet-haired woman in an orange raincoat and...
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  2. Aereo is a gimmick to get around copyright law, and that might be OK
    Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia (left) left the US Supreme Court after oral arguments Tuesday. (LEX WONG/GETTY IMAGES) 11 minutes ago Streaming TV service Aereo and its broadcast network opponents had their big day in court on Tuesday, and the US Supreme...
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  3. Andy Coulson denies 'covering up' phone hacking at News of the World
    Andy Coulson has denied that he "covered up" phone hacking at the News of the World after one of his reporters was arrested in 2006 for eavesdropping on royal household voicemails. He has also denied that he ordered his royal editor to plead guilty...
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  4. Even as more personal data is stolen online, password fatigue grows
    After Daphne Strassmann’s credit card number and other personal information were stolen in the Target data breach last fall, she diligently went about changing 10 online passwords. The process involved channeling nonsense words inspired by the view...
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  5. Stephen Sutton reaches £1m cancer charity target
    23 April 2014 Last updated at 14:54 Stephen Sutton reaches £1m cancer charity target Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Stephen Sutton's Facebook message said ''It's a...
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