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  1. Public-College Leaders Rail Against Education Dept.’s ‘Regulatory Culture’
    By Eric Kelderman Washington Ted Mitchell, under secretary of education, began his speech to a roomful of higher-education leaders on Monday with a conciliatory tone, stressing that the U.S. Department of Education shared a goal with them of...
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  2. Political Polarization & Media Habits
    When it comes to getting news about politics and government, liberals and conservatives inhabit different worlds. There is little overlap in the news sources they turn to and trust. And whether discussing politics online or with friends, they are...
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  3. Higher Ed Beta @insidehighered
    The headlines are legion, the sentiment, widespread: “Why Social Media is Destroying Our Social Skills” (USA Today). “Evidence Grows That Online Social Networks Have Insidious Negative Effects” (MIT Technology Review). The rise of social media, many...
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  4. Media Sources: Distinct Favorites Emerge on the Left and Right
    When it comes to getting news about government and politics, there are stark ideological differences in the sources that online Americans use, as well as in their awareness of and trust in those sources. CNN, Fox News Top List of Main Sources...
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  5. Thomas Docherty ‘to be cleared of all charges’ by Warwick
    Ruling follows internal investigation, and comes nine months after suspension Source: Alamy An academic who was suspended by the University of Warwick at the start of the year is to be cleared of wrongdoing after an internal investigation, Times...
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