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  1. Educate refugees or lose a generation
    How do you educate refugee children in places with a shortage of trained teachers, a lack of resources, and where school records have been lost? In the last four years, across the Middle East and North Africa, millions of young refugees have fled...
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  2. County Attorney Sues to Stop the Closure of Sweet Briar College
    March 30, 2015 by Andy Thomason County Attorney Sues to Stop the Closure of Sweet Briar College A county attorney filed suit Monday on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia seeking to stop the closure of Sweet Briar College. The complaint against...
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  3. 2016 NASPA Annual Conference & Indiana SB 101 Update
    NASPA Members: This past week, our nation’s attention has turned toward Indiana and the passage of SB 101, a law that purports to support religious freedom but, in its language, potentially licenses discrimination. In case you are not aware,...
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  4. Care system gets 'biggest shake-up in 60 years'
    Major changes to the care system in England are being introduced on Wednesday in what is being dubbed the biggest shake-up for 60 years. The Care Act 2014 includes rights for those receiving care and those who provide it to their loved ones. It...
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  5. Microsoft's Surface 3 tablet runs full version of Windows
    The Surface 3 benefits from a clip-on keyboard and pen, but they must be bought as add-ons Microsoft has refreshed its tablet line-up with a new entry-level device that runs more software, but is also more expensive than its predecessor. The Surface...
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