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  1. The UK's outmoded universities must modernise or risk falling far behind
    University leaders are in the dock of public and political opinion. They are being pressed to justify the cost, quality and relevance of current models of higher education provision against criticisms that they are “awash with cash”, students are...
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  2. How universities are using data to stop students dropping out
    “With a shrinking demographic, these institutions are competing for students and if they keep doing what they’ve always done, they’ll get the same results,” says Cailean Hargrave, head of education at education technology consultancy...
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  3. Professor Says Facebook Can Help Informal Learning
    Who says Facebook is always a distraction? A new study suggests that if engaged in online debate, college students can use the popular social network to learn and develop a variety of skills. In a paper released on Monday, Christine Greenhow, an...
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  4. Community College and the American Dream
    The dividing line between striving and struggling to achieve the American Dream is education after high school. The facts are clear: education is the key to getting a job, earning more, being healthier, and being active in the community through...
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  5. Apple Music: Walt Mossberg’s First Look
    Paid streaming music has arrived on Planet Apple, where it was regarded as unworthy for years. Today, the tech giant has entered the streaming music business with its much-anticipated Apple Music subscription service. Like other streaming services,...
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