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    The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire Published in collaboration with WikiLeaks: What Cablegate tells us about US foreign policy When WikiLeaks first came to prominence in 2010 by releasing 2,325,961 top-secret State Department...
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  2. Apple Music: Walt Mossberg’s First Look
    Paid streaming music has arrived on Planet Apple, where it was regarded as unworthy for years. Today, the tech giant has entered the streaming music business with its much-anticipated Apple Music subscription service. Like other streaming services,...
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  3. POLITICO Magazine
    There wasn’t much exceptional about my recent lunch out with a couple dozen young, aspiring entrepreneurs. It was a typical, crowded, buzzing, Nandos-like joint—good food cheap, easy to pull tables together so we could talk. These were men and women...
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  4. Erol Incedal trial: media groups dispute refusal to lift reporting restrictions
    British media organisations are launching a legal challenge to a judge’s refusal to lift reporting restrictions that were imposed when a terrorism trial was heard in conditions of almost unprecedented secrecy. The application to the court of appeal...
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  5. Adopt a Word at Wordnik!
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  6. Introducing the ‘right to eavesdrop on your things’
    I was once put in charge of one of the first Coca-Cola machines on the Internet. This was the late 20th century at MIT, where we thought it was pretty awesome that you could, in theory, make the machine dispense a Coke from your desktop computer...
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  7. Melissa Fleming: Let’s help refugees thrive, not just survive
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