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  1. The blue notification dot on Moments is driving me nuts. Signed, everybody.
    Out out, damn dot. There is a specter haunting Twitter—the specter of a stupid blue notification dot. You know of what I speak. This week, Twitter debuted Moments, its new section meant to make the social network accessible to a larger audience and...
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  2. A platform that makes connecting third-party APIs easy
    Thanks for hunting us Matt! We're very excited to share Dexter with the @ProductHunt community as well. I wanted to mention as well that Dexter is a completely open platform that allows developers to use git to publish their own NodeJS modules to...
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  3. California Now Has the Nation's Best Digital Privacy Law
    California continued its long-standing tradition for forward-thinking privacy laws today when Governor Jerry Brown signed a sweeping law protecting digital privacy rights. The landmark Electronic Communications Privacy Act bars any state law...
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  4. 艾未未工作室及住所发现窃听器 - 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览
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  5. Fear and sadness in Silicon Valley
    Every couple of months I leave my small Massachusetts town — where most people still shop for their own groceries and drive their own cars — and head for the Bay Area. Suddenly, all of my cynicism and bubble worries are drowned out by the kind of...
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  6. Stripe Hires Thrive Capital’s Will Gaybrick as First CFO
    Stripe appointed Will Gaybrick, one of its venture investors with a software engineering background, as its first chief financial officer. Though Gaybrick’s background appears unusual for a CFO role, CEO Patrick Collison said his payments company...
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  7. Clue - Medium
    Our Investment in ClueWe are entering the age of the “quantified self”. Low-cost sensors and smartphones mean we can sense, track and interpret aspects of our lives which would once have required teams of doctors. It’s now easy to input data, and...
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  8. A Fabulously Minimalistic Music Video Featuring a Gorgeous White Cat Sitting Inside a Pulsating Speaker
    A Fabulously Minimalistic Music Video Featuring a Gorgeous White Cat Sitting Inside a Pulsating Speaker by Lori Dorn at 3:10 pm on October 9, 2015 Dutch artists Lernert Sander have created a high concept, minimalistic music video for the song...
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  9. Somewhere Over the Brainbow: The Unicorn Window is Closing
    People used to worry about the “IPO window” closing before they could get their company significantly far along to exit. Now, with the rise of massive private rounds from late stage private equity and crossover investors, founders something new to...
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  10. Twitter Plans Company-Wide Layoffs Next Week
    Jack Dorsey was named permanent CEO of Twitter on Monday, and a big reason he got the job was that as a co-founder, Dorsey isn’t afraid to make the tough, necessary decisions. He isn’t wasting much time. Twitter is planning company-wide layoffs next...
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