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  1. BuzzFeed Deleted Posts Under Pressure from Its Own Business Department
    Earlier this week, BuzzFeed launched an internal review of any posts that its editors or writers had deleted from the site since editor-in-chief Ben Smith was hired in January 2012. In an interview on Friday, and a memo sent to staff on Saturday,...
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  2. Welcome to PizzaNet!
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  3. How Microsoft Took Android’s Future Out of Google’s Hands
    With the announcement that Microsoft would partner with the truly open-source, Android-based Cyanogen OS to provide a bundled suite of apps, both companies made one thing very clear: Android’s not just for Google anymore. The partnership, as...
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  4. Hey, Google! Check Out This Column on Headlines
    THE headline was perfect: “China’s Tensions with the Dalai Lama Spill Into the Afterlife.” Engaging, informative and clever, it sat atop a story about reincarnation and the succession plan for the Tibetan Buddhist leader, accompanied by a photo of...
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  5. The Best Crossovers From The NBA Regular Season
    SO MANY BROKEN ANKLES The Best Crossovers From The NBA Regular Season 56 Diggs: 12 Tweets: 33 Facebook Shares: 11 Sports With the NBA heading into the playoffs, let us take a moment and cherish this season's best demonstrations of the art of...
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  6. Cornel West warns of 'Planetary Selma' at Harvard fossil fuel divestment protest
    The outspoken civil rights activist and academic Cornel West said Harvard University risked being on the wrong side of a “planetary Selma”, culminating a week-long campaign by students and prominent alumni campaigning for the most prominent...
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  7. xkcd: Code Quality
    Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors). This work is licensed...
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  8. The Business Case to Fund More Gender Diverse Teams
    The Business Case to Fund More Gender Diverse TeamsWith suggestions on how to take advantage of investing in this underserved market Dear Mister VC, I sometimes joke that my ultimate goal at Springboard is to put myself out of a job. And the same...
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  9. New Zealand Plotted Hack on China With NSA
    New Zealand spies teamed with National Security Agency hackers to break into a data link in the country’s largest city, Auckland, as part of a secret plan to eavesdrop on Chinese diplomats, documents reveal. The covert operation, reported Saturday...
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  10. Global Temperature Records Just Got Crushed Again
    It just keeps getting hotter.  March was the hottest month on record, and the past three months were the warmest start to a year on record, according to new data released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It's a continuation of...
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