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  1. The most expensive lottery ticket in the world
    No Exit, the new book from Gideon Lewis-Kraus, should be required reading for anybody who thinks it might be a good idea to found a startup in Silicon Valley. It shows just how miserable the startup founder’s life is, and raises the question of why...
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  2. It’s a fucking startup. Why are you here?
    It has now been 150 days since Fab completed its 2013 restructuring which saw us cut our operating expenses by two-thirds and go from more than 750 employees to around 300 today. Since then, armed with tens of millions of dollars, a great brand,...
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  3. Facebook Launching Mobile Ad Network At F8 Conference
    Lots of people have wanted Facebook to build an ad network for a long time. Here it comes. Facebook will take the wraps off its plans for a mobile ad network at its “F8″ developer conference in San Francisco at the end of the month, according to...
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  4. Apple - Environmental Responsibility
    A worker at our partner recycling center in Roseville, California, safely dismantles obsolete hard drives.
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  5. Don’t Fuck Up the Culture
    Hey team, Our next team meeting is dedicated to Core Values, which are essential to building our culture. It occurred to me that before this meeting, I should write you a short letter on why culture is so important to Joe, Nate, and I. After we...
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  6. As ‘Meet the Press’ struggles in the ratings, plenty of questions for host David Gregory
    “I get it,” says Gregory, the face of the longest-running TV program in American history (founded: 1947). “Do I want to be number one in the ratings? Every week I want to be number one, and we fight like hell to get there. And it’s tough right now....
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  7. Here comes The Upshot, the new explanatory journalism effort from the New York Times
    Ever since Nate Silver left his perch at the New York Times and took his FiveThirtyEight blog to ESPN, where he subsequently launched an ambitious experiment aimed at data-driven journalism, the NYT has been working on a new venture aimed in part at...
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  8. Fred Wilson Leads $23M Funding For Crowdrise, A ‘Charity Water’ For Everyone
    How do charities and non-profits raise enough money for their causes? Well, the normal route, that which needs to be “disrupted” if you will, means a lot of thousand dollar per-plate dinners, a lot of individual reaching out and maybe some marathon...
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  9. I analyzed more than a million bitcoin tweets. Here’s what that looks like
    I recently got my hands on more than 1.3 million tweets, all mentioning bitcoin or creator Satoshi Nakamoto, spanning the entire month of February 2014. My goal was to get a sense of who’s actually interested in bitcoin (enough to tweet about it, at...
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  10. Amazon Sales Take a Hit in States With Online Tax Inc. (AMZN) is taking a hit in states that are collecting an online sales tax. In one of the first efforts to quantify the impact of states accruing more tax revenue from Web purchases, researchers at Ohio State University published a...
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