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  1. The Internet: A Glossary
    greatest American hero = I like her garbage = not very good I love you = we are both on the Internet, and we agree about something shut it all down = I’m going to stay right here and not leave the Internet and keep reading this NSFW = this is a...
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  2. Fab's Jason Goldberg on What's Next - TechCrunch Disrupt
    Jordan Crook in conversation with Fab’s Jason Goldberg about his new online furniture design company Hem, pivoting vs evolving, and the value of failure. Read Related Post
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  3. Google Ventures Unleashes Its Investment Strategy For Europe
    To start off our annual European conference, we brought the new Google Ventures Europe partners on stage at Disrupt Europe in London. The panel was mostly focused on explaining Google Ventures’ investment strategy for its European arm. In particular,...
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  4. Amazon’s Monopsony Is Not O.K.
    Amazon’s Monopsony Is Not O.K., the giant online retailer, has too much power, and it uses that power in ways that hurt America. O.K., I know that was kind of abrupt. But I wanted to get the central point out there right away, because...
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  5. Virginia Police Have Been Secretively Stockpiling Private Phone Records
    While revelations from Edward Snowden about the National Security Agency’s massive database of phone records have sparked a national debate about its constitutionality, another secretive database has gone largely unnoticed and without scrutiny. The...
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  6. Rape and death threats are terrorizing female gamers. Why haven’t men in tech spoken out?
    (David Leather/Flickr) They’ve taken down women I care about one by one. Now, the vicious mob of the Gamergate movement is coming after me. They’ve threatened to rape me. They’ve threatened to make me choke to death on my husband’s severed genitals....
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  7. Gamergate: the internet is the toughest game in town - if you’re playing as a woman
    I haven’t always been the kind of man who plays videogames. I used to be the kind of boy who played videogames. We’re inseparable, games and I. If you cut me, I’d bleed pixels. Or blood. Probably blood, come to think of it. Games get a bad press...
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  8. Vote for America's Next Top Office Dog
    For the past few weeks, Fast Company has been collecting entries for America's Next Top Office Dog (ANTOD)--#TopDog, for short. Over 300 amazing dogs were entered; we love all of them, although some cuts had to be made for space reasons (or duplicate...
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  9. Cop Arrests Busker After Reading Exact Law That Legally Allows Him To Play
    WILL THEY SEND HIM TO... SING SING? Cop Arrests Busker After Reading Exact Law That Legally Allows Him To Play Yes, the mariachi bands of the E train are still breaking the law, but busking on a platform is very much legal. We've seen this guy play...
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  10. Polygon is hiring!
    Forgot password? We'll email you a reset link. If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead. Great! Choose an available username to complete sign up. In order to provide our users with a better...
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