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  1. TOM THE DANCING BUG: Richard Scarry's Busy Town in the 21st Century
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  2. What do the newly-released witness statements tell us about the Michael Brown shooting?
    In the grand jury case against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the prosecution revealed that physical evidence weighed in Wilson’s favor and that he had not unlawfully shot 18-year-old Michael Brown to death. Over the course of the...
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  3. Carly Fiorina actively explores 2016 presidential run but faces GOP critics
    On a Republican presidential debate stage expected to be filled with more than a dozen current and former politicians, Carly Fiorina envisions herself standing out — as the only woman and the only CEO. Sensing an opportunity in a crowded field that...
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  4. First Look Media has forgotten the number one rule of startups
    When you start with a commitment of $250 million before you even have a website, it’s probably inevitable that expectations will be dashed at some point, but First Look Media — the brave new journalism venture financed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar...
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  5. Uber's data-sucking Android app is dangerously close to malware (Updated)
    Uber has been sideswiped by a ridiculous number of controversies lately, but things are about to get even worse for the ride-sharing service. A security researcher just reverse-engineered the code of Uber’s Android app and made a startling discovery:...
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  6. Should digital monopolies be broken up?
    ALTHOUGH no company is mentioned by name, it is very clear which American internet giant the European Parliament has in mind in a resolution that has been doing the rounds in the run-up to a vote on November 27th. One draft calls for “unbundling...
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  7. The Race to Become the WeChat of the West
    I remember pitching Kik to investors in 2009. It was the most frustrating experience. Why do you need chat that’s just on your phone? Why wouldn’t you just use Facebook Messenger? Why not just text? At the time, the West completely underestimated...
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  8. Turkzilla! | The Economist
    THROUGHOUT recorded history, humans have reigned unchallenged as Earth’s dominant species. Might that soon change? Turkeys, heretofore harmless creatures, have been exploding in size, swelling from an average 13.2lb (6kg) in 1929 to over 30lb today....
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  9. Technology and the Moral Dimension
    The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, two publications with different ideas of moral dimensions, are asking the same question, one that has been on my mind for a long time: How does Silicon Valley reconcile the reality of its success with...
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  10. Prince quits the internet
    It looks as if Prince has left social media just as abruptly as he arrived. The Purple One’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts were removed earlier this week, a little over a year since his first tweet. Representatives for the singer have...
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